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Work from Home Options for Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a way of offering services or products directly to the customer, removing the need for wholesalers & retailers. The channels of direct marketing are fast evolving & numerous work from home opportunities have become available in the last few years. Here we look at some options available in the world of direct marketing, for those who are looking to work from home and have the flexibility of working hours to suit their circumstances.

Home Agent Associate

Companies hire home agent associates to answer incoming calls from customers, from the comfort of their home. These home agents can either be;

a) sales associates, assisting the customer with product descriptions & further detail about the products, services on offer and even with the purchasing process.

b) customer retention associates, who help customers with the issues they are having regarding purchased commodities or services along with other queries or complaints.

All that’s required for most of these roles is to have a dedicated telephone number which is used only for this purpose, a computer and a pre-scheduled work pattern. With many business’s now working 24/7 and offering their customers 24 hour support this can be a very flexible option to work any time of day or night to fit around family commitments or even another job or business.


Copywriters are hired by companies to draft sales pages, web posts, online content or help with web design to market products effectively. They target potential online customers with enjoyable content that links to a companies website. Through copywriting you can earn around £7 – £20 per article to supplement your current income and it is increasing in popularity for those seeking part time jobs and having good writing skills.

Social Media Manager

If you’re good at graphic design, adept with different social media platforms and have a sound customer oriented approach, then this role could be the work from home option that you should seriously consider. Social media managers help keep social media accounts refreshed on a daily basis with engaging content to keep customers loyal to the brand. Posts can be scheduled so that it can take less than an hour to create a full week of content meaning that you can manage multiple accounts per week.

Managing 10 accounts per month with each client paying £200 would provide a really good part time income of £2,000 per month. The most important thing is to create really good quality content & images that keep customers interested & engaged.

Email Marketing Expert

Email marketing is a method of direct marketing whereby you create a list of people to market products to via email. Typically a mailing list is created via people subscribing to a list on a website or a Facebook ad.

Usually, a free giveaway is offered such as an e-book in exchange for a persons details. The giveaway needs to be relevant for the list that you wish to create. Lets say you wish to create a list of people that are interested in learning about healthy recipes that are really easy to make. You create a free e-book to giveaway and promote the giveaway via a Facebook ad. Those interested in your ad will provide their contact details which are added to your ‘Contact Manager’ system. There are many good ‘Contact Managers’ such as Aweber or Get Response that you can set up very easily and don’t cost too much each month.

– Marketing Products to Your Email list

Once you have the contact details in your system you can send the free e-book via an ‘Auto Responder’ email. This person is now on your list and you can market relevant products or offers to them every day if you like. Be careful to make sure the offers you email are relevant to the subject matter that they joined your list for such as healthy recipes or health related products or they won’t thank you and may opt out of your list.

The more people you have on your list the more money you can make each month. Many industry experts quote that it is typical to earn around $1 per month for every subscriber to your list. Building a list of over 10,000 people is not as hard as you may think.

There are many good courses that teach email marketing & if this is an option you are interested in then I would recommend searching for Anik Singal.

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