Kleeneze — Earning Through Network Marketing

Kleeneze has been serving the people of the UK since 1923. However, in the past decade, it’s turned into a very attractive work from home option. The company supplies a vast range of household goods, home furnishings, garden products, health & beauty and personal care items, personalised products & Christmas gifts. All of these products are supplied via independent distributors via catalogues and through personalised e-commerce shops. Kleeneze is a great option for people looking for a home based business opportunity. Really low start-up costs which can even be paid in instalments means that most people are in profit in their first week.

A very simple business model which has been proven & time tested by thousands of independent distributors over the years, ensures success for all those who follow the plan. Successful team leaders support their teams with training and business planning which also ensures a very high level of success for those following the system.

Kleeneze is a Multi-Level Marketing Company

Network marketing or multi level marketing is a way of moving products through a network of independent business owners direct from the company to the end customer. By removing the traditional middlemen the products can be sold at competitive prices and the profits are shared amongst the network. Distributors can also share the opportunity with others in order to build a team. It is their responsibility to train & support those that they recruit and in return the company pays a bonus each month on the team sales. The larger the team sales each month, the bigger the bonus payment.

Each distributor earns the same commission on their personal sales so it is fair for everyone. Team leaders earn a bonus based on the combined turnover of the team. This is their reward for the effort to recruit and train people along with the ongoing support to help their team members build their own business’s and income.

Some negativity surrounds network marketing as it has been wrongly compared to pyramid selling which is illegal. Network marketing is completely legal and Kleeneze epitomises how things should be done. Nothing is earned from recruiting. Earnings are only based on sales. No products have to be bought up front. They are members of the Direct Selling Association UK and have been in business for over 90 years. Network marketing is endorsed by many prominent business figures, some of them with their own MLM companies, such as Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar, Donald Trump, Robert Kyosaki & Warren Buffett.

How Kleeneze Works

When a new distributor registers they can choose to have an ‘Online’ only business kit or a full business kit giving both ‘Online’ & ‘Offline’ sales opportunities. If choosing ‘Online’ they are provided with 2 e-commerce sites and a recruitment website. Sales are generated online with the use of social media such as Facebook or driving traffic to your e-commerce website and ‘Offline’ sales are generated via catalogues. Catalogues can be delivered to households locally and/or shared with family & friends. All sales generated pay the distributor between 15% & 21% profit. Each distributor has the opportunity to build a team in any area the business operates and they can even get help to do this from their ‘Upline’ (the person that introduced them).

Which Areas Does Kleeneze Serve

Kleeneze currently operate throughout the UK & Ireland and are launching into Spain in October 2016. By 2021, Kleenze is planning to expand into nine other countries across the globe.

Kleeneze Logo

How Can You Earn Money Through Kleeneze

You can register as a Kleeneze distributor, choose the kit option that suits your requirements. You can either pay £25 for a ‘Online’ only business kit or £99 for the ‘Full Kit’ which includes the e-commerce option plus 250 catalogues. You can pay in full or you can choose to pay in 3 instalments, starting with £25 and then paying £50 after 30 days and a further £50 after 60 days from joining. This is a great option as it allows you to earn more than enough to cover the instalments so the business is self funding. All business kits come with a full money back guarantee for 30 days so there is no risk to anyone joining the business.

You simply drop catalogues in your neighbourhood by posting through the letterbox, hand them personally to homeowners or or a combination of the two. When sharing with family & friends it’s a good idea to make it a social occasion i.e., pop round for a coffee and a chat whilst they browse the catalogues. You could even have a coffee morning at your own, provide refreshments & snacks and get a catalogue in the hands of everyone attending.

When customers place an order they can order online for delivery direct to their home or you can order for them and personally deliver the products to their home once Kleeneze have delivered to you.

You keep the retail profit and pay Kleeneze for the cost of the product. At the end of every 4 week period Kleeneze calculate any bonus payments due to you and pay this directly in to your bank account. Simple!

Benefits of Working With Kleeneze

  • You don’t need any sales experience — the catalogues do all the selling for you. You simply have to deliver or present them.
  • With Kleeneze, you can choose when & where you want to work.
  • Kleeneze provides you with the necessary training and support to help you succeed.
  • There are no territory restrictions on the distributors of Kleeneze.
  • With Kleeneze, distributors don’t need to buy any stock upfront. You only order stock when there is an order from a customer. You then have 14 days to pay the company by which time you have collected the payment from the customer. This gives you a positive cashflow business model where none of your own money is tied up in stock.
  • Kleeneze provides additional incentives for distributors including a car programme and all expense paid foreign holidays.

This is a fantastic opportunity to start your own business risk free with the benefit of a standardised business model like a franchise. This can be built part time around other commitments such as family, a job or another business. Many people have built a business this way to the point that they have been able to quit their full time jobs and enjoy a full time income from their Kleeneze business but only have to work part time.

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