Work From Home Running a Successful e-Commerce Store

Everyone knows that ‘Retail’ is a great way to make an income. Buying products at wholesale prices and selling them at a profit is the way business has been done for thousands of years. However, traditional retail is dying and many well known high street retailers have been forced to close their doors in recent years as footfall decreases whilst overheads have continued to rise. The rise of the internet has been the death of the high street. People love to shop from the comfort of their own home and order online.

It’s simple, fast and convenient. In many cases it is also much cheaper than shopping on the high street as the vendors don’t usually have the same overheads as those with brick and mortar shops.

e-Commerce stores are a simple way to set up your own business. With very low start-up costs and just a bit of time you can be up and running within a day. The trick is to get customers through your virtual door to see your product range and hopefully to buy.

Establishing a Niche Market

When choosing a product for retail, it’s easy to adopt the “one place for all” solution with your e-commerce store. In fact, when it comes to online retailing, you’ll find multitudes of entrepreneurs addressing multiple consumer needs. With the competition being bigger than ever, it’s better to establish a niche for your e-commerce store. Exclusivity inherently transpires consumer trust: you are more likely to buy a hot dog from a dedicated hot dog kiosk than a Chinese takeaway that also sells hot dogs. It also helps you to focus better on doing things really well for fewer products rather than being spread too thin trying to promote lots of ranges.

Marking the Trust

Consumers look for trust before purchasing a product, more so when the purchases are made online. Using trustmarks for your e-commerce store from external parties like Norton Secured, McAfee etc, lends credibility to your ecommerce store and makes people feel safe while they are making online purchases. The alternative options are to use a ‘Shopify’ store which comes with a level of credibility built in or branded website if you have a franchise or something similar.ecommerce-websites

Driving Traffic to Your Store

The real trick to success in online retail is getting customers (driving traffic). There are many sources available to drive traffic to your store. The easiest and quickest of these could be social media. If you are going to spend money on advertising on social media the best advice is to start small and see which ads work best before increasing your daily ad budget. You can run Facebook ads from as little as £5 per day.

Have a really eye catching graphic in your ad or even a video as people generally engage better with this type of ad. If you want to get a professional graphic or video made for your ad then check out the gigs on Fivver.com where you can get pretty much anything for $5. Create an attractive offer such as a free giveaway or a coupon to make people want to go and check out your website.

For other strategies to drive traffic to your website just search google and you find lots of free advice. Don’t pay for anything as there is plenty of free advise available that works.